Kamaboko – A casual Japanese delicacy



These chairs and the table and sofa were created for a newlywed couple.

Since it wasn’t possible to move a large table or sofa into the home where they are living now, and easy transportation will also be an advantage when they move in the future, I conceived of furniture that can be disassembled.

That is, the seat and back of the chairs, the top of the table, and the seat, back and legs of the sofa can all be removed.

First, the board materials and frame are given an uneven surface finish so the boards won’t slip. 

Strong magnets are mounted on the boards, creating a system for joining the boards and legs.

These magnets prevent the boards and legs from separating in everyday use, but still make it possible to remove the legs simply by applying more force. 

Curved corners in the material, which has the primitive natural beauty of laminated Japanese chestnut wood, gives the board materials a gentle feeling. 

The frame is the light gray color of rustproofing paint, and the legs provide strong support in spite of their slender appearance.

In using this combination of elements, I was conscious of achieving a balance of gravity that gives a floating feeling of buoyancy, while also giving a feeling of weight and substance.

By doing this, I was able to create furniture that isn’t overly assertive, and is casual and approachable. 

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